Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Why do the British hate Keira Knightley?

At the height of her popularity in the early nineties, a friend of mine noted that the British really did not feel warmth Emma Thompson, or her then-husband Kenneth Branaugh, for that matter. So maybe it's a uniquely English thing for such a fate to befall Keira Knightley. FYI, I thought she was great in Pride and Prejudice.


Daniel G. said...

That's interesting. I had no idea there was a campaign against her. Can't deny the pout, but I liked her back in the day, like Beckham and Love Actually. Not so much Pirates or Atonement.

K. Bowen said...

Back in the day? She's what, 21?

Atonement didn't have much use for her outside of the first half-hour or so.

I thought she was one of the few bright spots in Pirates 2, but was disinterested and dull in Pirates 3.