Wednesday, June 18, 2008

And Cyd Charisse lives forever ...

One beautiful thing about YouTube for the film fan is that it brings back to life the great dance routines from musicals. Here are links to several of Charisse's best:

The Girl Hunt (a portion, I believe), from The Band Wagon:

Dancing in the Dark, from The Band Wagon:

Baby You Knock Me Out, from It's Always Fair Weather:

All of You, from Silk Stockings:

The Broadway Melody, in two parts, from Singin' in the Rain:

(I think those match. :) )

If you go to search and punch in "Cyd Charisse," you'll find a hundred-some videos. You can explore to your hearts' content.


Craig Kennedy said...

I had no idea until just yesterday YouTube was such a treasure trove of Charisse. Clips aren't enough for me, I'm renting a bunch of stuff, though it might have to wait until after the LA Film Festival

K. Bowen said...

Isn't it, though? I'd looked up the Girl Hunt at some point, but didn't really know there were so many until the past couple days. YouTube really fits the musical like a glove.

Pinko Punko said...

Non Charisse, but, a You Tube catch-

this Betty Grable routine form the end of "Pin Up Girl" is just astounding. I'm sure it can be derided as sexist or fascist, but I find it deeply patriotic and surreal. Almost 5 minutes of no dialog or music.

Pinko Punko said...

there's the link

K. Bowen said...

Poor Betty Grable. Does anyone remember her for any of her performances? Nope. Pretty much only for being painted onto the sides of so many B-29s.

Speaking of which, and relating significantly to the MGM musical and slightly to a different post, here's a great trivia question in case you're ever in need:

Betty Grable was the most popular pin-up among American soldiers of World War II overall. But who was the most popular pin-up among African-American soldiers of World War II?

The answer is:

Lena Horne.

She aged about as well as Liz Taylor. But in her youth, she was very beautiful and obviously an extraordinary singer. She was also the first African-American woman to sign a major studio contract when she inked up with MGM.