Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Kinda funny: Last night, I was at a screening of Kung Fu Panda. One of the local critics - possibly a name some of you might be familiar with - was talking to one of the publicist assistants in the theater, which naturally was crowded with children. They were completely oblivious that other people were there, particularly all the children in the theater. And they're just going on about risque cable television shows. They're talking fairly loudly about lesbian relationships and gynecologist characters who are undergoing sex changes and such. I look around and these moms looked like they were quietly shooting them disapproving looks. Those poor parents in earshot might have had some wrenching conversations this evening. (In fairness, it was probably forgotten after the film.)

(For the record, the conversation wasn't raunchy or anything. Just subject matter that I wouldn't personally speak about in front of first graders, especially other people's.)

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