Sunday, June 1, 2008


While we're discussing Prada. here's an Anne Hathaway quote that should make you wince, concerning a stunt mishap on Get Smart.

"My shin split open and I had to have 15 stitches. I try not to wimp out. In this case, I could see my shinbones. And I was kind of like -- I knew we had one more shot to get, so I turned to the director. I was like, 'If I have Extra Strength Tylenol, I could probably do the shot.' And the script supervisor, my onset dresser and my makeup artist all came up to me. And they were just like, 'You get a plastic surgeon and you sew up your legs. And you finish working right now.' So I was trying to continue with it. But in that one, I was overruled."



Pinko Punko said...

The previews make it look a lot better than expected. I was shocked. I know the gag gets old, but the Rock stapling that guy... this movie might make some money. I went from a definite "no" to a "mehbe."

K. Bowen said...

Are you talking about the new trailer? I haven't seen it yet. I'm glad to hear it's better than the teaser, which I didn't think much of.

But one thing I do know is that I never want to live to see my own shin bone. Ow!