Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Some initial Oscar praise

- The Oscars are much healthier in terms of quality than they were seven or eight or ten years ago. Much more in tune with quality and critical tastes. While I'm personally middling on a couple of Best Picture nominees, all five films were looked upon well by critics overall. In short, there are no true embarrassments here.

- The Best Actress nominees, with Linney and Blanchett, were somewhat unexpected and showed a streak of independence and admiration for a pair of top-quality actresses. Last night, I was bemoaning the fact that Blanchett, the best actress of her generation, had only one measly Best Supporting Actress Oscar to her name. At least she's nominally in the ballgame this year.

- Casey Affleck's nomination for The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford was expected due to other award nominations, but its completion deserves praise, because it was not a favorite at the start of the year.

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Pinko Punko said...

You are high. The Linney and Blanchett noms, regardless of the actual quality of the perfs was like nominating Streep for anything. They were name noms and that is it. I'd be surprised if mny of the voters had even seen "The Savages".

Also, biggest diss was Jonny Greenwood getting no love for the TWBB score. Again, all about the names this year.

Somebody had the films pegged perfectly, the Masterpiece Theatre nom, the Hollywood nom, the quirky indie nom, the critics nom, and the serious nom (also a critics spot this year).