Friday, January 4, 2008

Diane Keaton

So I went into tonight's screening of Mad Money without knowing a single thing about it. If I had known one thing about it, that Diane Keaton was involved, I might have skipped. Don't take anything that I'm about to say as a negative toward the movie. My response might surprise you, but I have to save it until next week. It's just that, I can't stand her. She's simply one of those actresses that doesn't work for me. Roughly ever. I like The Godfather, of course, but keep a stopwatch on it. I wouldn't bet on anything more than five minutes of screen time. I've never gotten very far into Annie Hall. I've never understood her appeal.

Of course, much of the distaste stems from recent efforts like The Family Stone and the risible Because I Said So, where she seems so distressingly natural at playing the overbearing mom. But if you're outlining the basics of the Diane Keaton movie ... it must have a young woman for her to dominate and a husband to nitpick. IT must have a scene where she loses it (preferably more than one). And most of all it must have a scene where she and a couple other younger women sing along girlishly to a Motown song.

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Pinko Punko said...

She's excellent in Annie Hall. Perhaps something like Little Drummer Girl where I guess she plays against type might clear the palate. How is she in Reds, I don't expect her to be playing ditz in that film.