Saturday, January 5, 2008

Once for Christmas

I received the soundtrack to Once for Christmas. Listening to it, you realize how underrated is "The Hill" (the piano song during the break in the recording session, I believe). As good as "Falling Slowly" and "If You Want Me." Listening to the soundtrack really is like recapturing a bit of the movie's beauty.


Pinko Punko said...

I have the soundtrack, but am trying not to connect with it until I see the film, which we just had to take back to Blockbuster unwatched. There wasn't time. Soon.

scot said...

I'd been a fan of the Frames before the movie, and thus had heard several songs from the movie beforehand on the excellent Frames album, The Cost. But last week, when I was in a crowded bar, and the soundtrack version of "Falling Slowly" came over the speakers, I couldn't do anything but drift out of conversation remembering the scene of those two at the piano in the music shop.