Monday, January 28, 2008

Metropolitan cast for Cloverfield

How much better would Cloverfield be if we replaced the cast of Abercrombie models with less than zero to say with the cast of Whit Stillman's Metropolitan? Instead of having the rescuers running across town to rescue a Paris-wannabe, they could be going to save the incredibly lovable and vulnerable Audrey. Now there's someone worth saving. Chris Eigeman could be spouting ironic, absurdist observations about being trapped in a monster movie. Tom could be pontificating on Lionel Trilling's take on Godzilla, because of course he hasn't actually seen the movie. Why see the movie, when reading the criticism gives you both the filmmaker's view and the critic's view? The super-nerdy one could be analyzing the effect of the monster attack on the Urban Haute Bourgeousie. Women trying to escape across the Brooklyn Bridge in ball gowns. It would be so much better.

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