Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Ledger update

What is up with the investigation into the death of Heath Ledger? The answer is, who knows?

The initial autopsy turned up inconclusive, and the medical examiner will await the results of a toxicology report. Those can take a week or two. Reports are running around about a $20 bill on the floor near Ledger's body. Did it have cocaine residue (pant, pant)? Well, last I heard on the radio, the answer was no. And I'm not sure drug residue on money in a Bohemian neighborhood would necessarily mean all that much, anyway. Authorities allegedly have found six different kinds of prescription medicines in the apartment.

Meanwhile, there's this kinda interesting AP report filling in some of the alleged blanks. Mary-Kate Olsen re-enters the picture here. According to the article, the massage therapist phoned Mary-Kate using Ledger's cell phone after she came upon the cold body. Mary-Kate sent over some of her security guards to assist, according to the report. Their arrival at the scene, about the same time as the paramedics, might account for yesterday's confusion about the ownership of the apartment.

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