Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Deconstructing Heath Ledger

There is going to be a lot of psychoanalyzing Heath Ledger's recent roles. Fans will look back and try to decode his characters and find "hints" of turmoil. A lot of this will revolve around his version of The Joker in the upcoming The Dark Knight.

I'll start with his recent role in I'm Not There, where he plays an actor (maybe sorta Bob Dylan) who goes through the whole arc of a troubled marriage, ending with the emotional turmoil of divorce and separating from his children.

Does that role mirror his break-up with Michelle Williams and the concommitant distance from his young daughter? Was he attracted to this role, maybe as a matter of therapy? Did Todd Haynes think he would fit the casting? There's a theory that all casting good casting contains an element of veiled biography. For now, it is all speculation.

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