Sunday, July 20, 2008

So who's going to play Catwoman?

Sure, there's already denials from The Dark Knight camp that this is in the works. However, it wouldn't surprise me if Catwoman is the next main villain in the Batman series. Why? Because no actor of quality is going to want to follow in the wake of Heath Ledger's performance. But an actress would give the series a feel different enough to avoid the direct comparisons. Plus, with Rachel dead, Bruce Wayne is on the rebound.

So I was wondering about who would play Catwoman today. Obviously I'm not alone. And since I'm lazy as heck, I'll let them do the the hard write-up labor for me. A lot of their choices crossed my mind.

Three years ago, Angelina Jolie would seem the natural choice. Nowadays, with her veins making regular appearances on the surface of her arms, I'm not so sure. Plus, how good would she be as Catwoman's vulnerable side? I would also worry that she would want to put herself above the project.

Jessica Alba can't act. Next.

Kate Beckinsale is an obvious choice. Looks great kicking ass in leather. Can act when she wants to.

They like Anne Hathaway. Certainly beautiful and athletic enough. Decent actress. Cool enough for the noir feel? I don't know.

Audrey Tautou - She's tiny. But can do both mousy and seductive. International BO.

Rachel Weisz, I could see.

Two choices not on the list:

Saffron Burrows - not vulnerable, but definitely noir cool. Would be in line with the spirits of the reboot.

Marie-Josee Croze - Would love to see it, but doesn't have the BO appeal.

Emily Blunt, definitely a contender.

Well, I guess that was a write-up after all.


Alexander Coleman said...

Jennifer Connelly, please?

I realize that she's actually a bit older than Christian Bale, but I don't care.

Honestly, though, there are some good sides and bad sides with going to the Catwoman character in the first place. On the good side: Like you say, she'd fit in rather well now that Rachel's been whacked and Batman can find a more appropriately twisted "love interest." In Nolan's universe, she could start out as a prostitute as she's been in at least a couple of incarnations who rebels against her pimp, kills him and goes on the run, Naked Kiss style. Then starts out stealing jewels and such, getting Batman's attention. She could test Wayne's morality in a way different from an arch-nemesis like The Joker--she could be dangerous, lethal even, but seductive. I'm sort of in favor of the franchise going in a more scaled-down, old-time noirish direction after the citywide reign of terror of The Joker's (Nolan could show you don't have to necessarily "up the ante" with each new installment, and it'd be a good way of focusing more and more back on Batman in a more singular fashion after the ensemble epic of The Dark Knight)... So Selina Kyle/Catwoman could play out like a super femme fatale in that environment.

On the bad side scale: Warner Bros. probably thinks Halle Berry murdered the character just four short years ago, and the character itself is a risk; the character, if mishandled, might be wrong for the Nolan take on Gotham; when I think of the two Burton films, the one aspect/character from them that I actually think he nailed, in his own way, was Pfeiffer's Catwoman, and as such--despite the Berry fiasco--she's not in as much need of "saving" from oblivion as other characters are (like, say, the Riddler, who, like Two-Face, was so butchered by Schumaker it makes me sick thinking about it); with Catwoman, you almost necessitate another villain being included because as good a character as she is, she doesn't offer enough "firepower" or whatever you wish to call it on her own (at the very least you'd need more mobsters plying their criminal trade, etc.).

A lot of people obsessed with Batman 3 right now are talking about having The Riddler show up and have the third Batman film operate like a procedural movie like Zodiac, with The Riddler sending letters, notes, riddles to the police, press and Batman, too, while he does whatever he's doing. Could be seen as too familiar after The Joker doing many similar things.

Wow, I never intended to write that much, but I did. People who never get into fanfiction and such are talking about where these films go after The Dark Knight, which villains are introduced, etc. It's funny.

To me, it's kind of ass-backwards to say, "We're going to bring in _____ as the next villain." It should be thought out dramatically. The Nolans should think about what kind of story they want to tell, what kind of "arc" they want for Batman, and then work backwards from there.

Daniel G. said...

Nice call on Connelly, Alexander. I think she would be second to Burrows, which would be fantastic.

K. Bowen said...

I found a couple other threads on this topic. For all the Megan Foxes and Kristen Bells you have to suffer through, you wind up with some good ideas. Which brings me to ....

Marion Cotillard.

That would make a lot of sense for everybody involved.

I would think the villain would have to fit into the Nolan's intellectual interests. To me, The Riddler would work for their post-modern intererest in the flow of information shaping the morality of actions (i.e. Memento and a bit in The Dark Knight). Catwoman, as essentially a Batman female alter ego, would allow them to continue with the way they play with that sort of thing - The Prestige and The Dark Knight.

I just don't care enough for The Riddler. And Catwoman is just more fun to cast.

jennybee said...

I love the Marion Cotillard idea, though I am not convinced Nolan wants to revisit Catwoman. But you're right, casting it is fun.

I also kinda like the Emily Blunt casting. Jennifer Connelly, while I love her, I'm just not seeing. Does she have enough playfulness in her?

I've heard some talk that they'll recast The Joker in the next one, since he's technically still (hanging) around. I can't imagine anyone would want to follow Heath in his own role, though, can you?

K. Bowen said...

I can't imagine anyone wanting to follow Ledger. That's one reason that I think they'll go with someone else.

Pinko Punko said...

I wonder about Rachel McAdams.

I don't know if I care.

NOELIS said...

i wanna play her!!! seriously tho. i love her, kno her story and am an actress- unknown i kno. i cant think of anyone- but me!

if its anyone but me, i hope its someone who realizes this is not just the role of some comic book villan but a woman that lives in the world of the fans- whos sweet, sexy and batman loves her because like him; she's so black & white to the world but so gray to each other.

<3 it needs to be someone great.

FurryCurry said...

I have watched Batman Returns several times in the last few days. It was cycling through HBO, and I love the movie. I stumbled on these chats about Catwoman in Nolan’s third interpretation and had to weigh in. I never could image anyone else after Pfeiffer, but it seems to be the inevitable evolution in this series. So, if it must be, this choice will determine the fate of these adaptations’ credibility. Sequels are tricky and quitting while you’re ahead is most important. Nolan should think in terms of a trilogy, where it is painfully obvious that anything further will dissolve. Burton should have capped the previous run of the caped crusader. It slipped in Forever and bottom was all too foreseeable in Batman and Robin. Different actors, different director never works. Nolan avoided a stumble in two Rachel’s with Ledgers compensating performance. I digress, back to possible cats.

Many names have been mentioned. Some are possible contenders, most of them are unacceptable. If Cabwoman is

“A woman that lives in the world of the fans-whos sweet, sexy and batman loves her because like him; she’s so black & white to the world but so gray to each other,”


The actress who plays her should be a blonde in public most of the time, atypical as a villain, and unassuming in stature, because the suite must transform the light that appears in daily life to the repressed dark self-image. The unacceptable are Anne Hathaway above all. I could not keep a straight face in her case. The others are mostly brunette vixens who could be bad girls in the suit as well as on the street. I really don’t know what actress would be the best fit because you never know for sure until the faces are on the screen in the moment and setting. I do know that it must be in the eyes (why can’t Michelle due it again, just kidding). I am NOT thinking about Cameron Diaz, Scarlett Johansson, or Jessica Biel. But I invite you to picture Reese Witherspoon, Charlize Theron, or Naomi Watts. Who can you conjure up?

In closing Angelina is too easy. On another note, can Christian Bale drop the deep rough and scary voice, it sounds so fake. Just talk quietly and act with your eyes (Keaton can never be matched in my opinion).