Monday, July 14, 2008

The Dark Knight

While attending The Dark Knight press screening today, I was reminded of something that I dislike. Whenever there is a press screening of a high-profile blockbuster release, particularly in summer, suddenly forty new faces that I rarely if ever see show up to the screening. I'm sure that some of those people are entertainment media reporters who don't need to see everything but have a legitimate reason for showing up. Others just strike me as freeloaders, people who might have a blog but who don't write regularly about films except as a means to get in for the big things. How many of those people are going to be at Wednesday's Man on Wire screening? Yeah, exactly.


redison said...

I understand the frustration, but not everyone can be intrigued by movies like Man on Wire. Even though I think they should be. Jerks.

But thanks for bringing up the movie. I had never heard of it before now, and did a bit of looks VERY interesting.

*is intrigued*

K. Bowen said...

Oh, it's not too bad. It's just a little pet peeve about going to a major screening.

nick plowman said...

The exact same thing happened at my press screening of "The Dark Kinght" yesterday, thanks God I got my copy of the soundtrack before them and their greedy hands snatched them up.

Evan Derrick said...

Being new to the world of official press screenings, I admit I haven't seen enough to experience this, although I can sympathize. I'll be seeing "Brideshead Revisted" on Thursday and I imagine there will be myself, perhaps 2 other critics, and crickets.

Sadly, I'm not on Warner Bros.'s list yet, so I did not get the invite to the DK screening. I have to rectify that posthaste. Although in a frustrating turn of events many studios are opting to only screen their films in Oklahoma City and are bypassing Tulsa altogether, thinking that it isn't a viable market. Which sucks for us critics in Tulsa. I'd make the drive to OKC for "Dark Knight", but I won't be making the trip for "American Teen" later this week. Although I desperately want to see the film, the gas cost is prohibitive.

Sam Juliano said...

MAN ON WIRE looks like a winner for sure! K, have you released any kind of a reaction yet on THE DARK KNIGHT?

K. Bowen said...

Man, this post is drawing flies.

From my perspective, I'm fine with anyone who writes regularly attending the screenings, regardless of the size of their publication.

It's just those people who only show up for The Dark Knight, Iron Man, etc. that bug me. That's not being a serious reviewer. That's freeloading.

Evan, sorry to hear about your situation. One thought: I've heard theaters run new prints late at night in order to check for errors. IF you're having trouble getting to screenings, this was always my backup plan, although I have never used it. It might be a viable solution.

Hey, Sam, welcome over. Have seen it, obviously, but haven't said a thing yet. I will say that it's a film with a lot to talk about. I haven't quite stopped chewing on it yet.

Craig Kennedy said...

Man on Wire was terrific. I'm just saying.

K. Bowen said...

I see MoW tonight, hopefully.