Saturday, July 5, 2008


I have retreated to Anti-D Western Command (my hometown El Paso, Texas) for the weekend to visit family. The nice thing about El Paso - it's a pretty big city that hasn't figured that out yet. So on a holiday like the Fourth of July, unlike Dallas, people still defy authority and go out of their way to do things like shoot fireworks off in the desert. So as I was driving into town last night, there were all sorts of family fireworks displays going off left, right, and above Interstate-10. So it was like a welcome home party. Wish I had brought my camera.


Daniel G. said...

That would be cool to see along the road. Only in the last few years did they legalize fireworks in MN, and every 4th of July makes this place look like a war zone (not that I would know from experience) - sparks, fires, hissing, booms, smoke, screaming and shouting. It all looks pretty cool up in the air, though.

K. Bowen said...

Oh, I'd be scared of fireworks in Minnesota. One bad one and the whole state burns down. :) It's a little easier in the desert.