Saturday, July 5, 2008

QoS trailer

I haven't said much about the James Bond Quantum of Solace teaser trailer released a few days ago. There's really only two points to make. The film has a distinct grittier look to it, less fantasy and a little more realistic. Daniel Craig looks like he's going to eat the role alive. Really, that's all that matters. Obviously, it looks like it has a large number of quality action sequences, maybe too many, but I'll leave that determination until I've seen the actual film.


nick plowman said...

I have not even seen the trailer…I will see the film, but I am not excited for it or anything. Casino Royale, for me, was just okay. I do hope this follow-up is better.

K. Bowen said...

When I look at Casino Royale, I can see the creative compromises that sort of reduce it. But it has several great action scenes (parkour footchase particularly), Craig is magnificent, the dialogue between Craig and Eva is refreshingly sharp, the direction is generally fresh, and I think as reboots go, it goes further than any other in portraying its hero flaws and all. And it does it without sacrificing the element of fun.

K. Bowen said...

Oh, and whereas Bourne slants the playing field to its characters' sense of morality, Haggis and Bond are pushing in opposite ways politically and morally, and it makes each of them sharper.

In Haggis' other films, he has full control of the moral groundwork, and he leans too much to his own instincts. Bond forces him to play his own beliefs within the framework of an opposite person's world view, rather than getting to play on his own terms. Having to deal with James Bond's world made Haggis' work sharper.