Friday, March 14, 2008

Sex and the City: Shoot me now

I watched ten minutes of one episode of Sex and the City at one time. And I never wanted to go back. Therefore, I have zippo desire to see the big screen version, and I hope it reveals the show for what it is - a middling cult hit for the type of women who write for the lifestyle section at major newspapers. I expect that screening to be Bataan for me. And what's with the "Get Carried Away" tagline? I guess I shouldn't expect any more creativity than that.


Harvey said...

I am not looking forward to the arrival of this movie, but a death march?

Can you really judge an entire series that lasted for, what, six or seven years just by watching 10 arbitrary minutes? Maybe, but it's probably a bad idea.

I watched "Sex" because it was part of the HBO Sunday night cavalcade and often served as a nice, slightly upbeat chaser to "The Sopranos" or "Six Feet Under." I got in the habit of watching it before it became such a personal statement about oneself, but stuck with it. In fact, I think I saw them all. Unlike most of HBO's most popular shows, I didn't find it had much of a re-watch value, but I rarely felt burnt for giving it time.

K. Bowen said...

Oh Harvey, my friend, you shouldn't take everything I say so literally. ;) Sometimes I just like being the curmudgeon.

I will definittely give the film a chance. I admit fully that I could be wrong about it. And I generally can appreciate female-centric entertainment.

Thank you for rescuing this wayward critic and setting him back on a course of fairness and objectivity. I once was lost, but I have been found.

Harvey said...

Ah, yes, but see I was being facetious as well! ; )

But I still think no HBO show deserves a big screen treatment. Taking it out of the realm of TV convenience and intimacy would defeat each show's most crucial appeal.

K. Bowen said...

I think it's very difficult generally. HBO or not. The X-Files movie years ago, wasn't bad, but it was just a long episode of the show. I can't recall the specifics of it any more than any other episode.