Sunday, March 2, 2008

A good night's viewing

I watched Monte Hellman's Two-Lane Blacktop. I think there might have been a tracking shot in there somewhere, but I'm not betting on it. Great, great film. Almost unique. I also watched Gun Crazy. I'm always struck when watching late 1940s noir how far ahead of their time the films were. Gun Crazy has a lot of the benefits of being made in the studio system, but with the free-spiritedness needed for a small budget. You see why it was a favorite of New Wave types.


scot said...

Was that your first viewing of Gun Crazy? I love that film.

I always find it funny when I go into NYC and snoop around different memorabilia shops in the village that I see posters for Gun Crazy, but under it's original name, Deadly is the Female.

K. Bowen said...

It was my first time, and I loved it. From what I've read around today, Gun Crazy is actually the original title. They allegedly thought it was attracting the wrong sort of viewer and re-titled it Deadly is the Female. But that's just what I've been reading. It could be wrong. I'd love to snoop aroudn the shops. That sounds like fun.

Pinko Punko said...

I missed this last year and I'm sad for it.