Thursday, March 6, 2008

The Corner on The Invasion

You'll need to move fast, but there's an interesting discussion going on in The Corner blog at National Review Online about The Invasion. Jonah Goldberg initiated it, and I think his understanding of the film is pretty accurate, if a bit imperfect. Goldberg seems like a bit of a film nut; he once wrote a cover story on the metaphysical genius of Groundhog Day. Mark Steyn is in on the discussion, so something amusing is bound to be said.

As you might know, The Invasion was close to my top 10 list for last year, probably somewhere in the 11-12 range alongside Into the Wild and The Diving Bell and the Butterfly.


scot said...

I was just reading that earlier today and was trying to remember who it was that thought so highly of The Invasion. Now, I remember it was you. Yep. Time to add that to my list, and then go back and re-read the discussion at NRO

K. Bowen said...

Hey Scot,

I really like the film, but even I know it's flawed, maybe very flawed, so keep that in mind. At the same time I think it flew over a lot of critics' heads, probably because they were expecting a Body Snatchers movie at this point in time to be thinly veiled war critique. What they got was something that, when pieced together, is more interesting, and to my mind Kubrick-ian.

I'll probably post the email I sent them a little later.