Saturday, March 22, 2008

Clooney: Love and basketball

An amusing interview with George Clooney on Dan Patrick's national radio show. The Last Movie Star and the former SportsCenter host have something in common. As children, they attended the same church in the Cincinnati area. Patrick's first question is whether Clooney had a crush on his sister, a longtime Patrick family rumor.

The two go on to have a jaunty conversation about sports, movies, sports movies, Clooney's basketball exploits, and of course Leatherheads, Clooney's upcoming labor of love set in the world of 1920s professional football. Who's the best basketball player in Hollywood? Clooney says Woody Harrelson has game, but the best he knows is Jim Caviezel, who played basketball in college. Does Caviezel mutter "Jesus Christ" every time he clanks a free throw? Only Clooney knows.

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