Thursday, December 13, 2007

The War on Christmas

Each day, on top of swimming, I go for a long walk for exercise. With it being winter, I do my walk indoors, at a well-heeled Dallas-area mall, loaded with fashionable housewives.

There's something going on here this season that's rather alarming. The department store Santa display has a commercial tie-in. It's the movie Fred Claus. There are advertisements on the red rug near Santa, and a giant snow globe that kids can enter, where they can be "entertained " by the movie.

You fill in the blank on that one. Yes, Christmas is a commercial holiday. I get that. And I don't mind it in a way, because said commercialism brings a lot of happiness into the world. As an adult, some of your fondest memories are of opening toys on Christmas. Yet to reduce Santa Claus to corporate servitude is hard to accept, if not hard to fathom.

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