Wednesday, December 19, 2007

The Diving Bell and James Bond

After watching The Diving Bell and the Butterfly last night, I have a theory about the identity of the next main Bond girl for the upcoming Daniel Craig James Bond follow-up. It wouldn't surprise me if one of the women that so dominate the camera in Diving Bell will end up as the choice, i.e. as the Bond girl who has to act. Assuming that there is an Eva Green-style Bond girl who has to act.

Diving Bell's star Mathieu Amalric has just signed onto the project as the villain, (and possibly as a presumably re-booted Blofeld, if you listen to Max Von Sydow). So obviously someone in the Broccoli empire has seen and admired Diving Bell. So it's not a bad place to start theorizing.

Which might mean (and this is a pure namer-thrower-outer) that Marie-Josee Croze could fill the role. The Naomi Watts doppelganger is terrific in Diving Bell as Almaric's speech therapist. She has one other leg up, though. If you buy the "everybody works with Daniel Craig more than once" theory, she's eligible. In Munich, she had a small but memorable role as an elegant Dutch assassin. Craig shares at least one scene with her, the one in which Craig and Eric Bana break onto her boat to finish her. In which she appears frontally nude, no less. So Craig won't be seeing anything that he hasn't seen before.

I think sometimes people get carried away with wanting to cast people who have worked together previously. I mean, nobody ever says, hey, I think this will be the choice because they've never worked together before. That doesn't exactly raise the veil of authority. But this idea makes some sense to me.

Of course, Marina Hands (a small role as one of Amarlic's girlfriends, who takes him on a visit to Lourdes) is an award-winning French actress set to appear in a film with Casino Royale baddie Mads Mikkelsen. Her father is British, according to IMDB, so I would guess she speaks English. And she's quite the looker. That's a theory, too.

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