Friday, February 22, 2008

Michael Clayton

"In voting for "Michael Clayton," Hollywood would in essence be voting for itself, voting for thoughtful, adult studio films crafted in the heart of the system. I can't think of any other movie-making constituency that needs more help right now. "

Here is LA Times critic Kenneth Turan making the case for Michael Clayton. For some reason, I've been wanting to see this movie again. For this year, it's the film that keeps rising in my view. If it pulls out a win on Sunday night, although unlikely it's still a decent possibility, you won't hear a word of protest from this blog. This is a film that sticks with you because it's saying something that is essentially true, and that everybody knows to be true, and yet no one will say - that our capacity for traditional moral decisionmaking is being eroded in the face of the demands of corporate carnivorism. Those dismissing it as just another John Grisham legal thriller are getting lost in the iconography. This is a film with its finger sorely on the pulse.

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