Friday, November 14, 2008

Hoberman on Tarkovsky

J. Hoberman's take on the great Andrei Tarkovsky. Andrei Rublev and Mirror are among my favorite films. The Bell portion of Rublev is simply amazing, as is most of the rest of it. IF I had to name my five favorite directors, he is easily among them.


Alexander Coleman said...

Andrei Rublev is such a towering work of art... Jeez, I need to go through Tarkovsky again, even though I just did about seven months ago.

This is a million miles away as I just finished writing my review of Goldfinger, ha.

Sam Juliano said...

ANDREI RUBLEV and THE MIRROR are staggering masterpieces indeed.

K. Bowen said...

Andrei Rublev is probably consistently in my top three. Those shift around. I haven't written out a list lately, but I would guess Mirror is in my top 15 or so. The barn fire sequence is mesmerizing. And I found myself crying at the end even though I couldn't quite explain why. There was something quietly at work in the film that was tremendously affecting.