Monday, November 3, 2008

Are there going to be any good films this fall?

OK, it's not quite that bad. But this fall, so far, has been one onscreen disappointment for me after another. I saw one of the season's most hyped films this afternoon, and it did nothing for me. I actually disliked it. (Dude, just .... get another girlfriend. Please. She's not that special.)


Alexander Coleman said...

Hmm, I wonder what that could be.

*Cough. Cough.*

Is the song as bad I thought it was after listening to it on the Internet weeks and weeks ago?

K. Bowen said...

Nope. Not that film. I liked that one.

The identity of this film is a million-dollar question. I may try to see it again.

And I really like that song. I just downloaded it. Although me and Robert Wilonsky seem to be the only two people. He played it on his radio show a couple weeks ago.

nick plowman said...

God, why so cryptic? :)

K. Bowen said...

Because cryptic is fun. And I don't want to violate embargo.