Monday, September 29, 2008

Eagle Eye

Did anyone see $30 million for Eagle Eye coming?

I guess we have to get used to Shia LaBeouf for sure.

Fine by me, I think. I picked him at as a future star with his three minutes in Constantine. Why I have a radar for that sort of thing, I have no clue.


nick plowman said...

I love Shia LaBeouf, he’s so fucking cool.

Alexander Coleman said...

Not to brag, but in my own little, humble, six-person box office prognostication group, I guessed it would make between 27 and 32 million (looks like it made 29.2).

Combine a very weak box office period of time, with many moviegoers hungry for a big action flick at this unconventional time for one (way too late for summer, at least five weeks before "The Holiday Season" of flicks starts up), Shia LaBeouf teamed back up with D.J. Caruso and Steven Spielberg, a supporting cast that invites some usually untapped and disparate markets (Rosario, Billy Bob, Michael Chiklis and others) and it seemed like just about a sure thing to me.

That said... I'm personally not all that interested, but I have a feeling I'll check it out before it leaves The Cinema in Corte Madera, CA.