Sunday, October 5, 2008

Diane Lane and the big 4-0

A nice article (and great picture) on Diane Lane. It touches on something that I think is happening in the movie world - more roles for older actreses. When you look at the Oscar race this year, it includes Streep, Melissa Leo, Kristin Scott Thomas, in their forties and fifties. Debra Winger perhaps in supporting, as well. For real actresses in particular, the age 40 doesn't seem like quite the impediment it once was.


Alexander Coleman said...

She's as gorgeous as ever.

This is probably the best Hollywood trend at this moment: more and more women are resiliently surviving the horrors so many actresses have suffered, being stuck in that pitiless void between 40 and 60, where they are considered too old to play a romantic lead and too young to play a grandmother. This has been slowly but surely changing in recent years. Yay!

Anonymous said...

DIANE LANE is a truly great actress. Long may she continue to thrive in Hollywood!

K. Bowen said...

AC, well said. When you look at the list of women just hitting or approaching 40, it's very impressive, and I'm happy to see that more work seems available.