Sunday, January 11, 2009

Golden Globes

So Golden Globes .... meh. Kate Winslet doubles. Good for her. Mickey Rourke wins and uses the word balls twice on TV. Slumdog ...... Hey you know, these are usually predictive of Oscars, but usually we know the Oscar front-runners by now. The good news for awards season this year is that I'm not sure there are front-runners, except for Heath Ledger. Everything else seems fairly up for grabs.


Sam Juliano said...

Would you say K, that SLUMDOG and BUTTON are the strongest contenders for the Best Picture Oscar at this point, with the former a decided favorite, or do you think the top races (apart from supporting actor) are still unpredictable? I am still hoping WALL-E somehow snares a major nod, but I know I am dreaming! LOL!

K. Bowen said...

I think that sounds about right, Sam. Slumdog and Button, with Slumdog the favorite. But I still think a lot of the races are still kind of open, or at least moreso than in recent years. I wouldn't mind seeintg Wall-E get a slot, but I'm not sure it's going to happen. How about Aronofsky for director?