Thursday, December 11, 2008

Kate Winslet, sex kitten

One thing that has struck me in my nearly four years of writing film reviews - how few sex scenes there are nowadays in movies. And I would guess that Kate Winslet has been in about 1/3 of the ones that I've seen. One that I recall in Little Children (is there more than one?) and two in Revolutionary Road. I'm going to see The Reader this morning. Will there be one there, or just implied? We'll see.

Anyway, there's something reassuring in this. Winslet isn't the anorexic beanpole that some stars are.


Bill Parcells said...

Except she's now as skinny as she's ever been. Check her latest magazine covers. They'll get her too.

Alexander Coleman said...

I love Kate!

There were multiple sex scenes in Little Children.

Judging by the trailer for The Reader, there may very well be at least one sex scene with her there.

Not that that would influence me one bit when it comes to seeing her films...