Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Wildest casting rumor ever?

So Cher as Catwoman? Who sold that to a reporter? I doubt it, more from the acting side and the celebrity-bigger-than-the-film side. Actually, the idea of an older Catwoman would be the sort of creative break Christopher Nolan might well employ. It would be the ultimate roll of the cinematic dice - either unconventional and brilliant, or an everlasting punch line in the making.

If you're going older, why not Michelle Pfeiffer? Or heck, Julie Newmar? Or Sean Young. I hear she makes her own costumes.

There are plenty of fifty-something and sixty-something actresses who would be more interesting in the role. Heaven knows Hollywood grants them plenty of time on their hands.

Judi Dench. Helen Mirren. Holly Hunter. Joan Allen. Sissy Spacek. Sigourney Weaver, to name a few. Add the forties and you have Laura Linney, Diane Lane, and others that I'm not thinking of.
Interesting rumor.

EDIT: A couple more .... Catherine Deneuve. She might still be able to wear the tight leather. Oh, I thought of someone else but now it's gone.


Craig Kennedy said...

Yeah this one takes the cake for wildest though all of the Tarantino/Pussycat speculation is up there. I like how the original Telegraph article takes Depp as Riddler as a point of fact as well.

Alexander Coleman said...

Diane Lane?


Sounds like Nolan is fairly adamant against using Catwoman, though.

I'm fully expecting a completely repackaged, rebooted Penguin at this point.

K. Bowen said...

The Depp thing has been bandied about, but I have a hard time imagining that much star power getting added on, as Nolan seems to prefer well-known actors to huge stars.

I think Nolan is going to have to cast Catwoman or another female character, unless he brings Rachel back. Otherwise it's going to be an entirely male cast. Say what you will about the dispensibility of the Rachel Dawes character - Mags did a lot of promotion in the female-oriented press. They really wouldn't want to go without that, I would think.

Lane would make a great Catwoman, wouldn't she? And she is sort of that right combination of acting talent and famous-but-not-too-famous star as the other actors and actresses who have appeared. I would almost consider her independent of age.

Alexander Coleman said...

"I almost would consider her independent of age."

I agree.

K. Bowen said...

Well, I would consider her independent of age. Would Hollywood? That's another issue.